The constant violation of all ethical norms during the discussion of the Code passed this time as well without the interference of the Speaker. In the new episode of #CoupletChorusReplica listen how did the MPs  understand the Code.


The Code of Conduct for MPs, which has been adopted by the Assembly this week, stipulates that, while appearing in public, an MP must tell the truth, be fair, honest and responsible, must not use hate speech and must not insult anyone. How did the MPs of the current convocation understand the Code they voted on? From their discussion, it can be concluded that it was a way to send in advance a message to the current non-parliamentary opposition that, if they ever cross the threshold again and enter the parliamentary benches, the ruling majority will decide how the opposition can speak and behave. But the Code could have prevented much more, could it not? 

“Both the physical assault on the then Speaker of the Assembly, Ms. Maja Gojković, and the physical assault on the MPs, the physical assault on the Speaker of the then Administrative Committee, Aleksandar Martinović, at the session of the Administrative Committee, the physical assault on his colleague Marjan Rističević. Remember bringing stones to the National Assembly, remember bringing guitars.“

“Would this Code have helped us against, let’s say, Balša, Kena, and that guy Aleksić, not to mention all the others? I believe it wouldn’t have, but there would have been at least some kind of public condemnation.“

“And about how they hit and how they beat up the MPs when the cameras were turned off, it was like in cowboy films, the door closes and the lights go out, and then a melee.“ 

“We also used to see stones in the National Assembly here, some MPs brought various other props, such as flags of foreign countries, some hit the door of the Parliament with the state flag. A very bad image was shown to the world and this is why we wish to pass this Code and prevent these situations from ever happening again.“

“I spoke at the last session about the fact that Dragan Đilas was the inspirer of all those misdeeds and all those monstrous calls for the liquidation of the President of the Republic and his family, for the rape of his daughter and for abuse of his sons. You can’t imagine how far Dragan Đilas’s sick imagination can go.“

The constant violation of all ethical norms during the discussion of the Code and this time without the interference of the Speaker, brought another seemingly good intention to absurdity. And what the idea is, in fact, was revealed by the Speaker of the Assembly, Ivica Dačić.

 “We didn’t have to do this this fast. We scheduled it because we had received negative comments from some international organisations; it turns out that we do not address that issue. If so, here we have shown that we are committed to the issue.“

At the same session, the MPs once again postponed the introduction of the topic of pay grades for employees in state institutions, which had been announced since 2015, this time the reason for postponement was the Covid pandemic.

For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.


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