Who wishes evil upon President Aleksandar Vučić and why is "relativized the danger in which he is"? In the new episode of #CoupletChorusReplica listen how was plenary discussion passed from the Law on the Social Card to the mafia clans and, members of the former regime.

The Assembly of Serbia adopted the Law on the Social Card, a map of data on social benefits with the aim of making them more equitable. The discussion on that Law was an opportunity for several hundred thousand social assistance beneficiaries, who receive from the state less than one hundred euros a month on average, to hear several more times “how economically stable the state was, how shiny the Serbian economy was and how much worse the situation would be if there were not for the wise policy of the President Aleksandar Vučić “.

The largest number of discussions did relate to the topic, but was most often linked to praise for the Serbian Government. An example thereof are the words spoken by the Social Democratic Party MP Jasmina Karanac, who said that this law was a huge step towards eradication of poverty.

“Social allocations in any segment require economics that will fill the budget. After all, this has been shown now, and at the time of the pandemic, when the Serbian economics showed the greatest resilience and the greatest resistance to the crisis. We were not the only ones to say that, the European Commission also acknowledged that in its official report.”

On the other hand, whether it is a social card or international agreements, the task of the Serbian Progressive Party MPs was to insinuate not only the connection of the recently arrested criminal group with the opposition, but also to suggest that they all planned the assassination of Vučić. Some of the examples are Aleksandar Mirković, Sandra Božić and Uglješa Mrdić.

“What particularly worries me is the behaviour of one part of the opposition, that is trying in every possible way to relativise the danger in which President Aleksandar Vučić is. The statements given by the bully and Ljotić’s disciple, Dragan Đilas and the former MP Boško Obradović aim to equalise Aleksandar Vučić and his family with certain clans, mafia in Serbia and in that way directly put a target on their backs.”

“I’m referring to those who actually led to the attack on the security of the President of the Republic, but also on the members of his family, through constant criminalisation, which has been going on for years and was placed by the former regime. Specifically, by Dragan Đilas, who is the ideological creator of each of the made-up scandals of criminalisation of the President, his brother Andrej Vučić and Danilo Vučić, and by his spokesperson, Marinika Tepić.”

“It’s not only members of criminal clans who wish, and it’s awful to say it, death of our country’s President. We have a situation in which, in addition to mafia clans, members of the former regime also wish evil upon President Aleksandar Vučić and his associates.”

It did not occur to anyone to ask why the long-awaited Law on the Social Card will be applied only from 2022 and if the process could have been accelerated. 

For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.

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