Whether the sitting is extraordinary or regular, whether the Law on Consumer Protection or the election of the vice-governor of the National Bank is on the agenda, the laws can only be discussed about in the Serbian Parliament before noon. In the afternoon, the topic is always the same.



“Harmonise, define yourselves, but even if you try to unite, you cannot win against what is easily visible, and that is the policy of Aleksandar Vučić, the progress of Serbia and the prosperity of all citizens of Serbia.“

“You’re offering the past, we’re offering the future that builds, creates security, peace and stability. The future of this country is to have more babies and that is the goal of this Government headed by the President Aleksandar Vučić.“

“Every day, Aleksandar Vučić lives and works for Serbia and a better life for the citizens of Serbia. The people see and know that, and that is why the policy of Aleksandar Vučić has no alternative.“

I can freely say that we prevented it, that Aleksandar Vučić prevented the brain drain“.

“The people of Serbia see it best, just as they see roads, bridges, factories, hospitals, kindergartens, salary and pension increases and everything that has been a dream for the last 140 years, and is now becoming a reality, thanks to the lion fight of Aleksandar Vučić, who does not kneel before phoneys and does not allow foreign embassies and mercenaries to run Serbia.“

Before Aleksandar Vučić, there were no jobs, no salaries, no future for Serbia.“


And not only are the MPs enthusiastic, but also the governor of the National Bank. She not only pointed out that the support of President Aleksandar Vučić is crucial for the good work of that institution, but also explained how she consulted with him when she introduced the compulsory DINA payment card in Serbia.


Even then, I asked the one who is for me, who not only proposed me to this Assembly, but […] who is for me a man who, in terms of courage and [his] non calculating [nature], cannot be compared to any of the former presidents. I will share something personal with you: I often say 'Aleksandar, are these people worthy of you?'”


For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić

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