The Minister competent for the environment, did not show much interest in the Law on Environmental Noise Protection, so she spoke only at the beginning for barely six minutes and at the end, when she thanked everyone for the discussion. The MPs did not mind. They were very inspired to talk about both the Law and the Minister.



“It has been more accurately defined what the environmental noise is. The list of noise sources has been expanded, as well as the [list of] authorities competent in the development of strategic noise maps and action plans. Also, this Bill regulates the matter of noise protection, protection measures and conditions, access to information about noise, oversight and other issues of importance for environmental protection and human health.“

“When a person lives in a peaceful environment, only then can their body, their mind, and their soul feel completely normal, only then can they function normally… That is what the natural environment means to all three elements of human structure.“

“By nature of work, I also encountered one citizen […] and when we talked about the Law on Environmental Noise Protection, he understood that the Law was being drafted and he presented his personal problem. He came to me and asked – what about the lovemaking noise.”

“One of the first negative effects of noise was observed in ancient China and with […] ingenious Chinese people. In 211 B.C. they used to punish people by noise. There is a letter from a certain Ming Tia, the chief of police, who says – whoever insults the most dignitary one, will not be hung, he will not be beheaded, but flute and drums players, and rowdies will play flawlessly until he drops dead.“

“Your Ministry and you, dear Minister, since you have been the head of the Ministry, have done a lot for the matter of environmental protection. Do not pay attention to the attacks of representatives of the former mafia-tycoon cartel, when they accuse you of not putting the topic of environmental protection in the place where it should be today.”


Together with the praise of the ministers and the Prime Minister, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, was mentioned 95 times in one day. Most often as a victim of attacks launched by non-parliamentary opposition.


For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.

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