If you wanted to monitor the parliamentary debate last week, among other things, you needed special knowledge, for example, how much of a substance can be found in hemp plants so that it can actually be characterised as industrial, so if someone grew tons of that plant and was arrested, it was a mistake because he is not a drug dealer, but a victim of a conspiracy against the Vučić family. And we also learned that if something is published in German newspapers, then it is the only truth.



The German portal “Weiss” – and I’m not referring to the operation from the Second World War, although after this information some people will end up as the ones from the operation “Weiss” – announced that the maximum THC level in industrial hemp found in Jovanjica was 0.54%, which can’t be considered a drug. Also, an anonymous source, i.e. a source from the German embassy who wished to remain anonymous, said that it was unusual for someone to spend two years in detention because of that.”

“It is now clear that the whole action was carried out in order to directly connect the President Aleksandar Vučić with some kind of drug production, through the accusations addressed to Andrej Vučić.”

“The real intention of the screenwriter of that false affair ‘Jovanjica’ was to remove Aleksandar Vučić, but also to eventually accuse the entire Serbian people and the Serbian state of financing the campaign revoking the Kosovo’s independence with illegal funds, which would completely destroy our credibility in the political struggle for Kosovo and Metohija.”

“It should be thoroughly investigated who are these people involved in the system that wants to put lies on President Vučić and attack his family and brother.”


 “So, the aim of the ‘Jovanjica’ affair was, above all, to involve the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and his family in something with which they have nothing to do. It’s an artificially created affair.”

“It’s a reflection of their democracy, where all of us who think and work differently are clay pigeons of their programme of devastation of Serbia, targeted just because, led by Aleksandar Vučić, we are building hundreds of kilometres of roads, while they couldn’t manage to build a single one.”

“It’s terrible that they are using blackmail, pressure, daily threats, brutalisation, harrowing against one family, the Vučićs, trying to break the President of Serbia, to break his will, to make him withdraw and leave Serbia to the mercy of criminals and tycoons.”


This week, the MPs also elected one new judge and four court presidents, although after such addresses, the question arises whether the MPs need judges at all.


For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.

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