Public prosecutors in Serbia do not respect the law and are afraid to do their job, at least that is what the MP of the ruling party said, and his colleagues did not deny it. Everyone talked about what they had prepared, about local powerful people, about the opposition, about the President.



“So, any prosecutor who would possibly dare to respect the laws of this country, to sanction that behaviour we saw in previous weeks, savagery on our motorways – and we know exactly which article was violated – as our Constitution and laws define such behaviour impermissible, any prosecutor who would dare to initiate any procedure would be declared a servant of the regime, they would be most dreadfully dragged through the media mud. And then we come to a situation where the prosecutor says – I don’t really have to respect the law, I don’t have to respect everything that falls in my constitutional and legal obligation, let someone else do it.“

“That is why we need a prosecutor’s office that is independent, that is able to deal with those who commit crime and say – you can’t do anything to us, because we are tycoons, because we are the owners of capital, because we are some who have a connection with some local powerful people and we can poison you, we can kill you, we can harm you.“

I believe that a strong Serbia, led by the policy of Aleksandar Vučić, is the only guarantor of continued progress and because of that – Long live Serbia, led by our President Aleksandar Vučić!“

“Why did one director, who probably didn’t get the money for his project, issue death threats and say that Mr. Vučić should end up like the Ceaușescu family in Romania did? Shame on you. That man should answer. Who is he threatening? The President of the country? It’s such a disgrace. What is Vučić guilty of? Of having built 400 km of motorways?“

“They constantly go on about sandwiches that people who go somewhere eat, those who travel to celebrate the 13th birthday of the SNS, for example. I promise them free transportation and free sandwiches. They will also get transportation and sandwiches to see those motorways. We have to travel for a few days though, because 400 kilometres of highways have been built.“


At this sitting, the new mandate was entrusted to the former prosecutor for organised crime, Mladen Nenadić, whose name was mentioned only when the proposal was read. The arrest of Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group was quoted as a success of this government, but the MPs again managed not to present any specific information about any of the 37 candidates for prosecutors.


For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.  

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