The Assembly of Serbia received a new, most important topic, an enemy worse than Đilas himself – Zdravko Ponoš. It was enough for the former Chief of the General Staff to announce that he would run for president of Serbia, to prompt the MPs, who are all henchmen of the current president Aleksandar Vučić, to remember all the terrible sins of Ponoš that they had not mentioned before.



“I am urging the competent institutions to provide all the information regarding the activities of this tycoon among generals or generals among tycoons – Zdravko Ponoš, and of course, to see the origin of his money. Ponoš must also declare his family [property].”

“The candidate for president that they nominated is a NATO candidate Zdravko Ponoš, a man who was, in an American dispatch dated June 25th, 2006, I think, characterised as an American asset in the heart of the reform of our country’s defence system.”

Dragan Đilas, a man who would like to return to power today through Ponoš, Janković,  Marinika Tepić  is a destroyer, a wrecker and a hater of this country and of this people.“

“Look at this pathetic Ponoš. He is a jinx for the citizens of Serbia, but he brought luck to himself, because we heard what kind of real estate he acquired in Vračar and who knows what else we will reveal about him in the next period; about what he acquired and how, because the Army has certainly not been destroyed for free.”

“And finally, while Dragan Đilas, Vuk Jeremić, Zdravko Ponoš work every day against the interests of the citizens and the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić pursues a security policy every day, but literally every day, as well as SNS and the Government of the Republic of Serbia that pursue a policy of peace, which is the most important for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.”


On this very day, the bills on new loans of more than 800 million euros were on the agenda. Without much debate, the MPs hailed it emphasising that it is a great move by the Government and a significant investment in the future.


For the Open Parliament, Mirjana Nikolić.

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